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Voyant | Articles

Financial Planning on the Go

On Friday, while watching the Ryder Cup, I was chatting to a friend of mine. He works in the public service and has a DB pension. He is getting pretty fed up in work however and would love to retire early. He had never heard of having a cashflow to support his thinking. With my laptop handy, I cracked open Voyant. After all, there is no time like the present!

Here is his Cashflow....

If he retires at 65- in the top chart- he will have enough income to match is desired lifestyle until he is 93. If he were to retire at 60 he would run into a cash shortfall position - red- at 72. So 5 years extra work gives him 20 more years with a positive cashflow. Pretty dramatic right?

He was delighted to have the context for his decision and is now going to work with a financial adviser to achieve his goal.

I had to tell him however that not many financial advisers in Ireland, could actually give him this advice in such a rapid and visual way(it took me 3 minutes). He couldn't believe this. He said "so what are they doing"!

If you want to be in the minority that can help people make real life, collaborative financial decisions with you, why not start now and take a free trial below.

Best regards,
Stephen Browne