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Voyant | Articles

Another First for Financial Planning in Ireland

I'd like to welcome you back with the news that Voyant has added a significant new visual aid to our software which is another first for Ireland. We have developed an inheritance tax (CAT) graph which shows the potential tax due for every year in a financial plan. However that's not all. It also has the ability to show 2 comparative plans side by side so the client can see for themselves on which plan they would pay less tax and by how much. This is the visual power of Voyant at it's best.

I've made this short explanatory video in which I've modelled the gift tax exemption. I show how the client can save €1.4 million. This is currently a popular way to build up assets in a tax free manner.

Inheritance Tax - New Simulation

Voyant users have been very successful in using our existing CAT analysis to engage clients in an inheritance tax discussion. We have received many accounts of section 72 policies being implemented on the back of our report. With the visual power of the new simulation, I fully expect a big increase in sales of these as well as investment, savings and pension policies which can pass to the next generation in a tax efficient manner.

So is your client proposition missing a bit of sizzle? Are you spending too long working on financial plans? Is excel not excelling in front of clients? Is your digital offering looking more analog? Are you worried that your compliance could be stronger?

Best regards,
Stephen Browne