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Careers at Voyant

Perfectionists. Tinkerers. Constantly creating something...better. Simpler. We work in a highly collaborative and creative environment that celebrates diversity of thought and personality. Interested?

Current Open Positions

Java Developer - Financial Calculations

The Voyant dev team is looking for Java developers to improve and extend our calculation engine into new international markets.

Quality Assurance Engineer

We are seeking experienced QA lead engineers to help spearhead testing of our next generation web/tablet-based applications implemented with EmberJS - a cutting edge Javascript-MVC framework. In addition, the QA engineer will help improve testing processes around our existing products.

Java Server Side Developer

Voyant is looking for server side Java developers to improve, expand, and/or redesign our core server component utilizing leading edge security and cloud computing services.

AWS DevOps Engineer

Voyant is seeking an AWS DevOps engineer to join our small but growing DevOps team.

The Perks

  • A fun and relaxed environment.
  • Small but profitable and stable company
  • Opportunity to learn about the financial services industry in the US, UK, and Ireland.
  • Highly competitive salaries and matching 401(k)s.
  • Full family medical and dental insurance.
  • We bring our dogs to work (not like once or twice a month, either - every day)
  • Fully stocked kitchen (we're talking your-Mom's-fridge-level Costco hauls)
  • Flexible and reasonable hours. Get your work done, come and go as you please.

If you are looking for a company where you can have a major impact and will enjoy coming to work, contact us at jobs@planwithvoyant.com.